The following genealogy translates from 'Notices genealogiques sur les familles genevoises, tom II', and was first published by Colonel Gustave-Amedee (Aymon) Galiffe in Geneva in 1890.  The translation into English was carried out by Colonel Augustus Henry Deane CIE in 1916.  A collection of published books, papers and personal letters of some family members are contained in the Geneva Museum and the British Library and the Department of Manuscripts in the British Museum.  A reference sheet can be found in the Appendices.

The first member of the family to produce a 'Chronicle' in good Latin on parchment was the monk Hunald at the end of 1000 or early 1100 at the Abbaye de St. Oyens de Joux.  He explains the vicissitudes of the House since their expulsion from Salerne in 1075 by the Norman Robert Guiscard as he plundered the kingdom.  This seems to be the last time that the House was forced to migrate since Waifre (Gaifre) was assassinated in 768 whilst engaged in guerrilla warfare against Pepin the Short.  Waifre, Duke of Aquitaine, like his grandfather Eudo and father Hunald (having then retired into a monastery in 745), will be remembered for their efforts in trying to keep their kingdom of Aquitaine and Gascony free from the Mohammedans (Saracens) and semi-independent from the Franks.  The genealogy and migrations of the dynasty from this date are difficult to piece together, but it is natural that the family retraced their Roman origins and returned as noblemen to Salerne until the Norman conquest of the Empire.

Credit must be paid to all descendants of the family during the last millennium for their care in recording, documenting and the safe keeping of historical and ordinary events relating to nearly every member of this ancient family.  A great deal has been lost or destroyed during the revolutionary troubles and frequent migration of the family through Southern Europe and the English Colonies; with most of its male descendants taking up military service.

Members of the family must be aware of the importance of recording, maintaining and safe-keeping of all events and individual historical records, in order that they may be preserved and passed on to future descendants of the Galiffe family.

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